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Friday, August 5, 2011

Green Screen Fun!

Following our class item we learned how to use the Green Screen using a still image and adding a sound. Each pair found an image to perform infront of and had fun filming. We were guided through the process of using imovie to make a fun green screen scene.


  1. Love it, looks like you are all enjoyed yourself!!! Very clever:)

    Janine B
    Cairnlea Park Primary School

  2. Very clever, Kauri 3!
    Ms F
    Reremoana School (your neighbours :D)

  3. Hello Kauri 3
    What a great collection of green screening examples! I particularly like how you have added sound as well. I have been wanting to try this with my class for ages - we start school again in September so I'm hoping to fit it in then.
    Have you got any helpful advice for the children in my class?
    Ms Wise
    (Year 4 Teacher in England)

  4. I love this! Well done - the kids obviously loved it too ....