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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poetry Work

Kauri 3 wrote poems in response to poetry written by a very young NZ poet- Laura Ranger (she has an anthology of her poetry written at ages 6-9). We wrote using the same structure as her poem "The Sea" Have a look and a listen to our versions. Leave us some comments please.


  1. Very creative. Well done to all!By Mrs Dranguet

  2. awesome poems! Way to go guys! From Room 14, Point View

  3. Wow! I am blown away by the beautiful images you capture through your writing! I haven't read any of Laura Ranger's poetry before, but how wonderful for her to be the inspiration behind your stunning writing! I wonder if you are able to contact her somehow and share this blog post with her - I am sure she would love to read your work also.

    Well done everyone! I am looking forward to sharing your writing with some teachers I am working with tomorrow!

    Toni Twiss

  4. Lovely descriptive langauge, I had strong images in my mind as I was reading:-)

  5. hello this is rosella i was in room 18 2 years ago with mrs marten i so miss primary i want to come back i wonder how mis gilbert is doing i liss yous all